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Annie Nichols

US Carbon Removal Sourcing Manager
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During my graduate studies in sustainability management, I became interested in understanding how we could use market-based systems to incentivize improved environmental management and carbon sequestration which is where my exploration into carbon markets began. I am excited to continue delving into the various benefits of carbon markets with Carbonfuture, and understand how we can capture additional co-benefits, such as soil health and water retention with these credits in the future.
Annie Nichols
Annie joins Carbonfuture with an extensive background in sustainable agriculture and local food systems. She has worked at a national level to implement innovative sustainability initiatives at large-scale food businesses and locally to support small-scale farmers and ranchers on business viability, food safety, and capacity building. She received her Master of Science in Sustainability Management from Columbia University which is where she first became interested in the potential of carbon markets. Since then, she’s worked to understand how carbon markets can be used to incentivize farmers to build soil health and sequester carbon dioxide through regenerative practices. She is excited to join Carbonfuture to scale carbon dioxide removal projects and grow the North American supplier base.