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Kyle Kornack

US Partnerships and Carbon Removal Sourcing Manager

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As a longtime environmentalist and entrepreneur, I am honored to have the opportunity to work with a tremendous team and form partnerships across the climate ecosystem to scale the carbon removal solutions needed to ensure a just and livable future.

Kyle’s position at Carbonfuture is the culmination of a 9-year journey of environmental entrepreneurship. Driven by a lifelong dedication to tackling the climate crisis, Kyle has been a founding member of three businesses across the sustainable agriculture, phytoremediation, and carbon markets. In 2014, he sought to fund a biochar project as part of his company’s carbon neutral program, envisioning the promise of connecting biochar to the carbon market. Today, he fortuitously finds himself at Carbonfuture deploying that very infrastructure needed to rapidly scale biochar—and other durable carbon removal approaches—with carbon markets. Kyle is a Forbes 30 Under 30 awardee, an Echoing Green Climate Fellow, and an MIT’s Solve Fellow for carbon solutions. He holds a dual BA in environmental studies and philosophy from Northeastern University, where he served as an environmental educator in Boston public schools.