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June 13th, 2024 • London, UK

Carbonfuture Carbon Removal Summit 2024

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Join us in London for an exclusive half-day event focused on the critical role of carbon removal in corporate sustainability strategies.

Panel discussions and keynotes will feature industry leaders in the carbon removal space sharing recent advancements in carbon removal and strategies for incorporating carbon removal into corporate sustainability strategies.

This invite-only event is a must-attend for every company committed to reaching their net-zero goals.

As a Strategic Partner to Reuters Events: Responsible Business Europe 2024 (RBEU 2024) Carbonfuture's Carbon Removal Summit 2024 will serve as a thematic continuation of RBEU 2024.

“Reuters Events is committed to advancing the discourse on sustainability. With sustainability now a company-wide imperative for many businesses, a strategic partnership with Carbonfuture allows us to highlight the critical role of carbon removal in corporate sustainability strategies. We believe this collaboration will drive impactful actions towards a more sustainable future and collective climate goals.”

– Ed Long, Head of Sustainable Business at Reuters Events

"We're excited to host our second annual Carbon Removal Summit in London in partnership with Reuters Events. Investing in carbon removal is imperative for businesses committed to achieving net zero emissions. This strategic partnership will provide an important platform for businesses to learn about innovative carbon removal solutions, explore pathways for investing in carbon removal today, and gain insights into the key factors shaping the future of carbon removal."

– Leila Toplic, Chief Communications and Trust Officer at Carbonfuture

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If you're a corporate sustainability leader, we'd love to see you at our Summit. Please register your interest here.

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2023 Summit: Carbon Removal Basel

The summit brought together top experts and innovators in the space to discuss how to accelerate and scale high quality carbon removal and join forces to combat climate change.

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