C-Sinks? Biochar? Don't worry if you're unfamiliar with how to take CO₂ out of the atmosphere and safely store carbon to unlock its wonderful side effects.

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Scientific Basis

The Whitepaper of the European 
Biochar Industry Consortiums (EBI) 
gives a comprehensive scientific overview about carbon-sinks on the basis of biochar applications. At the same time it is an excellent starting 
point for digging deeper into the 
most recent scientific literature.

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Carbonfuture C-Sink Standards

This document describes the basic requirements which carbon sink certificates must meet in order to qualify to be eligible on the carbonfuture platform. It furthermore describes in detail the criteria that the already existing and traded biochar-based C-sinks fulfil.

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Producer: Energiewerke Ilg
Image: Verora AG

For C-Sink Providers

Our playbook for biochar producers and
wholesalers demonstrates how you can get compensated for effective climate protection services.

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