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Portfolios of the Highest-Quality Carbon Removal Credits Built for Your Climate Goals

Create your ideal carbon removal portfolio to meet your sustainability goals and priorities. Our team of carbon experts will assist you in selecting the most suitable carbon removal credits, certified by established third-party standards.


Carbonfuture Carbon Removal Summit 2024

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June 13th, 2024
London, UK
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Purchase Carbon Removal Credits With Confidence

Carbonfuture’s data-driven approach delivers the transparency you need to ensure integrity and maximize the effectiveness of your climate strategy.

Quality You Can Trust

Invest confidently in portfolios of the highest quality carbon removal credits. All credits on the Carbonfuture Marketplace have gone through our rigorous due diligence process, are certified by established third-party standards, and have been validated by accredited third-party validators and auditors.

Impact You Can Measure

Prove the impact of your carbon removal investments. Carbonfuture ensures unparalleled transparency by meticulously tracking every step of the carbon removal journey with our Carbonfuture MRV+ solution, providing visibility into the impact of your investments.

Trusted by Top Global Companies

"Carbonfuture takes a multi-faceted approach to carbon removal by delivering long-term CO2 sequestration, with fully digitized, end-to-end tracking of the resulting credits. We need this type of innovation to advance the nascent carbon removal market."

Elizabeth Willmott,
Carbon Program Director
at Microsoft

"Carbonfuture's carbon-tracking technology ensures that buyers 'know where the carbon is' and was an important reason for Swiss Re to choose Carbonfuture as a supplier."

Tom Spencer,
Environmental Specialist
at Swiss Re

"Making sure our climate action is truly effective remains top priority. With Carbonfuture’s science-based approach, all removal credits issued as part of our joint efforts are traceable, delivering that vital element of transparency and trust."

Janek Kose,
at Klarna

Carbon Removal Is Good for Our Planet and for Your Business

Our comprehensive solutions integrate the entire carbon removal lifecycle, enabling you to realize immediate climate benefits while securing a competitive advantage and future-proofing your company.

Stay Ahead of Future Demand

Ensure a reliable supply of carbon removal to stay ahead as demand intensifies.

Gain Competitive Edge

Position your company as a pioneer in the climate space, setting sustainability standards and gaining a competitive edge.

De-Risk Investment With Reliable Pricing

Lock in access to reliable pricing, enabling strategic planning and shielding against unpredictable cost fluctuations.

Prepare for Regulations

Gain valuable experience with carbon removal before regulations take effect, ensuring seamless integration to forthcoming policies.

Flexible Carbon Removal Options for Credible Climate Impact

Choose from a selection of purchase options designed to help you achieve your carbon removal goals. We make the purchasing process frictionless, lowering risk and enabling a clear path towards credible and sustainable climate action.

Spot Trade

Purchase high-quality carbon removal credits right when you need them.

Project Finance

Gain early access to rigorously vetted carbon removal projects.

Long-Term Purchase

Secure high-quality carbon removal as a reliable, long-term stream.


Use our tracking to guarantee high-quality carbon removal along your own value chain.