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Carbonfuture connects you with leading carbon removal buyer brands through a comprehensive set of marketplace offerings.


Sell your carbon removal credits through Carbonfuture's Brokerage service. Our team handles the entire marketing and negotiation process on your behalf, ensuring maximum efficiency and success at every stage.


Focus on producing the highest-quality carbon removal credits while we handle the marketing and sales process. With Carbonfuture's Offtake service, you'll receive a guaranteed base price upfront and directly benefit from the sales.


Connect directly with carbon removal credit buyers and take full control of your revenue potential. Our transparent, secure, and streamlined transaction process allows you to bundle credit portfolios and set preferred prices, unlocking maximum value for your carbon removal efforts.

Enable Real Climate Impact and Grow Your Business

Driving real climate impact at scale through convenient, efficient, and transparent carbon removal operations powered by
Carbonfuture's Trust Infrastructure.

Carbon Removal Supplier Services

From project inception to navigating certification requirements, we provide carbon removal suppliers with comprehensive support to ensure their carbon removal projects succeed.

Due Diligence

Our rigorous qualification and due diligence processes guarantee the highest quality for carbon removal projects and their full delivery.

Carbon Removal Tracking

Our data-driven and meticulous tracking approach ensures accuracy and reliability throughout the carbon removal process, enhancing efficiency in the creation of high-quality carbon removal credits.

Third-Party Verification (Verification & Validation Body) and Certification (Standard)

We work with established third-party standards, validators, and auditors to ensure the highest quality and integrity for carbon removal credits.

Market Access

Partner Marketplaces & Channels

Seamless market access to a global network of leading buyer brands.

Carbonfuture Trust Infrastructure for Durable Carbon Removal

Manage Your Carbon Removal Operations with our All-In-One Supplier Solution

Supplier Dashboard

Monitor Your Operations with Ease

Visualize your operations and track performance with our comprehensive dashboard. Effortlessly oversee deliveries, inventory, and certificates; all in one centralized view.

Step-by-step navigation

Optimize Every Step of Your Process

Our user-friendly interface lets you manage each step of your carbon removal operation efficiently and accurately. Create facilities, process deliveries, manage inventory, request third-party certification, and sell certificates with ease.

mobile tracking app

Track Your Inventory Anytime, Anywhere

Manage operations directly from your facility with the Carbonfuture MRV+ mobile app. Quickly scan, upload, and track incoming and outgoing packaging units using unique QR codes, thus minimizing data input effort and errors.

Carbonfuture Empowers Industry Pioneers to Achieve Our Collective Climate Goals

Effortlessly Manage and Distribute Carbon Removal Credits with Carbonfuture MRV+

“Carbonfuture’s digital tracking system helps us keep record of massive numbers of single packaging units with ease, granularly mapping the entire lifecycle of the biochar, from production to carbon storage. We have completely replaced our tracking process with Carbonfuture MRV+, which is fully synced with our own ERP system and enables us to use it not only for tracking purposes but also as part our quality management framework.”​

Benedikt Zimmermann,
Technical Director
at Carbuna

“Working with Carbonfuture has enabled us to expand our market reach and improve our visibility as a supplier of quality carbon removal. We use Carbonfuture MRV+ to rigorously track our CO2 removal efforts, allowing us to create certificates that adhere to the highest standards. Through their marketplace services, we get easy access to notable buyers, such as Swiss Re or AXA.”

Fabian Link​,
Product Manager
at Bioenergie Frauenfeld

“Working with Carbonfuture has been a pleasure as they have always shown their competence and knowledge of the carbon removal landscape at every step of our growth journey. Their data-driven tracking and robust third-party verification has been crucial in helping us validate and scale our carbon removal ambitions and has helped foster confidence in carbon removal among buyers. The large, multi-year offtake agreement has helped form the basis for a global rollout plan for us and we see Carbonfuture as an integral partner throughout our journey.“​

Jakob Andersen​,
CEO and Co-Founder
of MASH Makes

Unlock Market Access and Navigate the Carbon Removal Landscape
with Confidence

Get unparalleled support along the entire carbon removal process. Our unwavering commitment to quality, transparency, and convenience, ensures a reliable and seamless experience at each stage, from initiating your carbon removal project to selling quality carbon removal credits.

Convenient Tracking

Benefit from comprehensive onboarding support, ensuring compliance with established, third-party standards. Our user-friendly dashboard and ERP system integration offer convenience and transparency.

Seamless Market Reach

Expand your market reach and enhance visibility to effectively market and sell your high-quality carbon removal credits.

Carbon Financing Support

Unlock new opportunities with a long-term, flexible, and growth-oriented partnership. Benefit from our extensive network of buyers, technology providers and partners, allowing you to tap into project financing and unlocking additional revenue streams.

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Carbonfuture Carbon Storage Attestation (CSA) (English)


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Global Biochar C-Sink Standard (2024)


We will guide you through the full certification process

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