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Are you passionate about addressing the urgent climate crisis? Look no further. At Carbonfuture, we are building the Trust Infrastructure for durable carbon removal so we can reach the necessary gigatonne scale and ensure a just and livable future for generations to come.

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Our Founding Story

In 2019, a visionary concept laid the foundation for Carbonfuture - a scalable framework for carbon removal financing proposed by Hans-Peter Schmidt and Hansjörg Lerchenmüller. That idea became the starting point for Carbonfuture in 2020. Our goal was simple - to speed up the transition to a net-zero future by scaling carbon removal to the gigatonne level, securing a just and livable future for generations to come.

From the outset, Carbonfuture embraced a trust-first approach. We understood that instilling confidence in carbon removal was the key to unlocking its true potential in the fight against the climate crisis. The missing piece of the puzzle was a trust infrastructure that would revolutionize the carbon removal industry.

Fast forward to today, and our solution is already transforming the carbon removal industry. Our trust infrastructure for durable carbon removal seamlessly integrates the entire carbon removal lifecycle and brings trust to every step in the process.

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