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Carbon removal

Carbonfuture is the world's leading provider of high-integrity, durable carbon removal.

At Carbonfuture, we build trust throughout the carbon removal journey with our rigorous, data-driven MRV+ system, ensuring that every carbon removal credit in our Marketplace meets the highest standards of quality.

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Carbonfuture Trust Infrastructure for Durable Carbon Removal

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We have built the Trust Infrastructure for durable carbon removal, empowering buyers to invest in carbon removal confidently, and enabling suppliers to meet the highest quality standards and access the market.

Cutting-edge, data-powered monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) that brings trust to every stage of the carbon removal process.

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Portfolios of high-quality carbon removal credits, delivering real climate impact with confidence.

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Unparalleled Quality

Carbon removal credits that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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Portfolios of carbon removal technologies ready to deliver immediate climate impact.

Full Transparency

Data offering comprehensive insights across every step of the carbon removal journey.

Advancing Integrity of Carbon Removal




Carbonfuture Announces Innovative Offtake Collaboration with Exomad Green and Microsoft for Large-Scale Biochar Carbon Removal

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'Why transparency is key to scaling carbon removal' by Nasim Pour and Leila Toplic

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Carbonfuture and Octavia Carbon Join Forces to Deploy the First Digital Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification System for Direct Air Capture Carbon Removal

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Carbonfuture Carbon Removal Summit 2024

In partnership with
June 13th, 2024
London, UK
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Leading Outsized Climate Action Today Because Our Planet Cannot Wait

At Carbonfuture, we are committed to scaling durable carbon removal by over 5,000 times to reach the required 10 Gt per year by 2050. We work with diverse carbon removal technologies to ensure we achieve this goal, while delivering immediate climate impact using technologies available today.

Biochar Carbon Removal

Carbonated Building Materials

Bioenergy Carbon Capture & Storage

Direct Air Carbon Capture & Storage

Enhanced Weathering

Ocean Carbon Removal

Carbon Removal Suppliers, maximize the impact of your carbon removal efforts today with Carbonfuture.

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We Work With Some of the World's Most Ambitious Climate Leaders

"Carbonfuture takes a multi-faceted approach to carbon removal by delivering long-term CO2 sequestration, with fully digitized, end-to-end tracking of the resulting credits. We need this type of innovation to advance the nascent carbon removal market."

Elizabeth Willmott,
Carbon Program Director
at Microsoft

"Carbon removal is a critical component in the fight against climate change, and the First Movers Coalition is committed to accelerating its deployment at scale. We welcome Carbonfuture as an implementation partner for the Carbon Removal Sector."

John Kerry,
U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate

"Carbonfuture's carbon-tracking technology ensures that buyers 'know where the carbon is' and was an important reason for Swiss Re to choose Carbonfuture as a supplier."

Tom Spencer,
Environmental Specialist
at Swiss Re

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