Simplify Your Carbon Removal Efforts with Seamless Tech Integration

At Carbonfuture, we have built a technological infrastructure that makes carbon removal trustworthy, scalable, and simple.

With our free-to-use API, Carbonfuture Marketplace and Carbonfuture MRV+ can plug into any product experience, from data ingestion to portfolio management. Carbonfuture’s API allows suppliers to streamline the management and tracking of their carbon removal projects while buyers can easily procure and retire carbon removal credits, eliminating any friction in the process.

For Suppliers

Leverage Automated Carbon Removal Management

Automate the management of your carbon removal projects and simplify data ingestion with Carbonfuture's API. The integration with Carbonfuture MRV+ offers an all-in-one solution for tracking your carbon removal efforts and, as part of your quality management framework, helps you streamline your processes for scalability. By syncing your inventory from your existing ERP software and automatically sending sensor data to our IoT endpoint, this integration can greatly reduce manual effort and minimize the risk of errors.

For Buyers

Incorporate Real Climate Action Directly Into Your Product Experience

Remove the carbon emissions for specific transactions via Carbonfuture's API - from transportation (see Swiss Helicopter) to products, shipping, and more. We empower businesses to extend carbon removal services to their end customers, enabling them to take effective action on their carbon footprint through durable carbon removal, right from your website or app.

Our partner CEEZER is also integrating Carbonfuture’s carbon removal projects into their marketplace, enabling their corporate customers to directly access an extensive inventory of high-quality, durable carbon removal credits.

For buyers & suppliers

Showcase Your Carbon Removal Initiatives

Empower your key stakeholders with the knowledge and insights needed to make a real difference in the fight against climate change. Carbonfuture's API automatically shares details about the actions you have taken to balance emissions by showcasing carbon removal portfolios, projects, and certificates on your website. As a supplier, you can easily display your project from the Carbonfuture Marketplace on your own channels for increased visibility towards potential buyers.