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Carbonfuture is your platform for high-quality
and impactful carbon removal credits.

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Whether you are a carbon removal supplier or net zero company, we offer comprehensive solutions for your needs.

For Carbon Removal Suppliers

Scale up to lead our industry with Carbonfuture now

Access to credit revenue
Project financing through purchase agreements
Inventory management and tracking  
Full consulting and 
onboarding support
Carbon removal marketing opportunities

For Net Zero Companies

Take credible climate action with Carbonfuture now

Transparent crediting and comprehensive MRV
One-stop for diverse carbon removal portfolios
Third-party methodology, certification, and auditing
End-to-end carbon removal tracking
Climate impact marketing opportunities

Balance Your Emissions

Each Carbonfuture C-sink credit over-compensates the emissions of 1 tonne CO₂ equivalent for 100+ years.
To balance your emissions, choose from a variety of regional portfolios.

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Catalyst Program

carbon removal at scale

Turn your innovative project into market-leading and scientifically defensible carbon removal credits. Join the Catalyst program and get access to revenue, expert support, and methodology guidance.

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Our promise

Immediate, direct and credible climate action

Independent sink certification with scientifically substantiated quantification
Transparent carbon sink modeling
Acknowledging carbon sequestration over time
Verifiable carbon sink tracking
Tamper-proof, built on blockchain technology
Customized platform services
From balancing and trading services to credit accounting - serving your needs best

How it works

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