Take effective climate action now

Carbonfuture offers high-quality and impactful carbon removal credits. We help you and your business procure a credible long-term portfolio to neutralize your carbon emissions and reach net zero.

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We deliver effective climate action with trusted carbon removal -
With biochar for 100+ years.

Each physical sink is documented and securitized in an individual certificate.

Emit less and remove the rest.

With the help of effective carbon sinks and carbon removal credits, the steps to Net Zero are quite simple:

  1. Define a practicable roadmap
  2. Decarbonize your business
  3. Remove residual emissions
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Your path to Net Zero needs credible climate action.

True carbon sinks
We focus 100% on carbon removal and only choose high quality sinks
Independent sink certification
We rely on independent sink certification with scientifically substantiated and conservative quantification
Full life-cycle
We fully consider the life-cycle of sinks, including production emissions and explicit accounting of the sink duration
Blockchain based
We put transparency in the forefront, documenting sinks end-to-end on a blockchain based distributed ledger platform
Regional meets scalable
We offer portfolios of regional credits with a large network of suppliers ready to scale to your specific needs
Geared for permanence
We're in it for the long-run, which is why we determine the permanence of each sink scientifically

Procurement options

Long-term sourcing

For long-term sourcing and large quantities, let’s talk about purchase agreements. Our extensive network of suppliers is ready to scale and adapt to your specific needs.

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On the spot purchase

Buy on-the-spot carbon removal via our platform to realize annual planning. A variety of portfolios offer regional climate services.

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Trusted by leading organizations

Trusted by experts

As more companies seek to invest in carbon removals, the need for credible solutions and transparent impact data becomes more crucial than ever. The partnership between South Pole, a market leader in climate solutions, and the marketplace and digital platform of Carbonfuture, provides businesses the opportunity to diversify their carbon removal portfolios with certified projects.

Michael Weber, Director of Corporate Climate Neutrality, South Pole.

Our service offering

We cover the full carbon removal value chain.

We offer flexible, tailored credit management. Our credit issuing, accurate sink modeling and seamless sink tracking offer transparency and verifiability across the full value chain, thus establishing trust and comparability.

How low can you go?

Carbon removal enables Net Zero, i.e. zero (net) emissions going forward. This is already challenging.

However, going one step further, you can remove more than you emit - thereby becoming climate positive.

Being climate positive enables you to take care of historic emissions and reach historic zero.

Stay ahead of the curve.

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