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Carbon removals need to grow. Fast. Catalyst accelerates the growth of negative emission technologies to gigatonne range. 
We are turning CDRs into market-leading and scientifically-defensible removal credits. Join us!

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Introducing the innovative ventures of our very first
 Carbonfuture Catalyst batch. Stay tuned for further announcements.



Silicate is a climate solutions company leveraging the power of geochemistry to permanently remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

“Robust in-situ measurements of carbon removal rates are essential for any enhanced weathering carbon removal solution – aligning processes across different material types and between companies and academia is, to us, the most important way that Catalyst can help us to grow our solution. By working with Catalyst, we hope that we will be able to create a scientifically robust enhanced weathering standard, that ERW companies and our customers can have confidence in.”
Maurice Bryson, Founder of Silicate
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Inplanet uses Enhanced Rock Weathering to sequester CO2 and regenerate tropical soils.

“Enhanced Weathering is a high-potential carbon removal technology with a range of co-benefits. It comes with the challenge of reliably quantifying the CO2 sequestered after rock powder application on the field. Through Catalysts’ pre-purchase and the participation in their program, we get access to valuable resources to kickstart important pilot projects in Brazil and test novel monitoring, reporting, and verification mechanisms.”
Niklas Kluger, COO & Co-Founder of Inplanet
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Lithos Carbon, Inc.

Lithos is working on a promising Enhanced Rock Weathering technology across the US:

The process uses natural crushed basalt (the most abundant volcanic rock on earth) as a catalyst for converting atmospheric CO₂ to dissolved inorganic carbon. Dissolved bicarbonate is eventually transported to the ocean where it remains stable for more than 10,000 years.

"Catalyst is doing critical work to break the cycle of high prices and limited supply, and to help early-stage carbon removal technologies evolve to maturity. We’re thrilled to be part of this batch of carbon removal purchases and to be part of the movement to establish must-have market pillars like measurement, reporting, verification and scientific transparency."
Mary Yap, Co-Founder & CEO of Lithos
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Heimdal Inc.

Heimdal builds machines that capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reverse ocean acidification and store the captured carbon dioxide permanently and safely as sand on the ocean floor.

“Carbonfuture Catalyst is exactly what is needed to scale the carbon capture industry – putting an economic value on extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is the only way to negate the worst effects of climate change. The program will allow us to scale up our carbon capture facilities rapidly, with confidence that we can sell the credits for the carbon we capture.”
– Erik Millar, Founder and Co-CEO of Heimdal
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Ucaneo Biotech GmbH

Ucaneo builds the world's first cell-free Direct Air Capture technology leveraging a biocatalytic membrane to capture CO2 from the air.

This allows the start-up to combine the best of nature with the best of engineering to build a scalable and sustainable technology to combat climate change.

“We are excited to participate in the Carbonfuture Catalyst program. This greatly accelerates our journey right from day one and enables us to create a trustworthy verification, reporting and measurement system for our novel CO2 capture technology - which will not only benefit the carbon removal market but our entire society. ”
Florian Tiller, Co-Founder & CEO of Ucaneo
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How it works

The Carbonfuture Catalyst supports innovative carbon removal companies on their journey from proof of concept demonstration to formally participating in and benefitting from the carbon removal market. The program will give participants early access to revenue and support from carbon market experts.

A carbon sink credit is only as good as the methodology and verification system behind it. Scientifically rigorous peer-reviewed but also lean and actionable methodologies are needed for new carbon removals - and our aim is to facilitate their creation. We are experts in this field, and we are your support network.

We can’t wait to work with you - for ongoing applications please reach out to us.

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About us

Carbonfuture is a platform and vetted marketplace for companies who are serious about removing carbon from the atmosphere. Our commitment is to unlock the rapid scaling of a high-quality carbon removal industry, which we approach with long term partners, a blockchain-based carbon-tracking platform and enabling financing tools. Carbonfuture partner companies are committed to carbon removal done the right way.


What it offers

Participants will have access to:

Robust Platform

Full use of the Carbonfuture platform, with a robust sink tracking system as well as credit registry services and credit delivery handling

Credits Offtake

Initial pre-purchase of carbon removal credits (risk-free, no strings attached) as a path towards long-term, large-scale credit offtake

Expert Assistance

Develop methodologies and robust monitoring systems to accurately measure carbon removals

Scientific Review

Validate new developed methodologies through a scientific review board

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Participation criteria

Consider these guidance - not all the criteria are applicable to all companies and circumstances - we always work under a “can-do” assumption.

Net negative emissions, long term CO2 removal (100+ years)
GHG removal capacity: path to megatonnes by 2030 and gigatonne potential
Evidence of resource efficiency in the long term (energy, biomass, land/water use, other raw materials)
Robust scientific backing of carbon removal technology and basic LCA existing
Proof of concept in place (e.g., pilot project operating)
Respect Do No Harm principles
Evidence of co-benefits will be valued positively


Best-in-class removal requires best-in-class know-how. This is why we only work with leading experts in the field.

Anna Dubowik
Secretary General
Negative Emissions Platform
Elena Walder-Schiavone
Managing Partner
Übermorgen Ventures
Dr. Ruben Sakrabani
Associate Professor in Soil Chemistry & Net Zero Lead Agriculture at the Environment
and Agrifood
Cranfield University
Prof. Dr. Daniel Kray
Professor for Renewable Energies, Head of Research Group PVT
University of Applied Sciences Offenburg
Marian Krüger
Decarbonization Lead sus.lab, Co-Lead Carbon Removal ClimAccelerator
ETH Zurich
Dr. Paolo Gabrielli
Senior Scientist at the Institute of Energy and Process Engineering
ETH Zurich
Dr. Maria-Elena Vorrath
Alfred Wegener Institute
Dr. Karine Kleinhaus
Associate Professor, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Stony Brook University
Dr. Christina Larkin
Research Fellow
University of Southampton
Dr. James Campbell
Research Associate
Heriot-Watt University
Dr. Karen Strassel
Senior Science Associate
Carbon Removal Partners
Dr. Spyros Foteinis
Research Associate
Heriot-Watt University

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