Catalyst: Fast-Tracking Quality Carbon Removal to Market

Rapid scaling of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) is critical for achieving our collective climate goals. Carbonfuture Catalyst accelerates this growth by connecting frontier CDR technologies to the carbon market. We facilitate a science-backed process that helps transform early-stage CDR innovation into verifiable, high-quality carbon credits.

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How Catalyst Empowers 
CDR Suppliers

Carbonfuture Catalyst is the springboard for carbon removal innovators. We take you from the initial proof of concept right through to active 
engagement in the Voluntary Carbon Market.

Gain Critical Support for Your CDR Technology

Tap into the Catalyst community as your launchpad to gain critical support and visibility for your CDR technology. We facilitate connections with key stakeholders in CDR — from Standards and scientists to policymakers, and corporate buyers.

Seamlessly Navigate the CDR Landscape

Get expert guidance on Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) and certification. Leverage our targeted expertise in MRV, certification, and credit creation to navigate the carbon market with confidence and precision.

Maximize Your Business Potential

Gain a competitive edge with our insights into the carbon removal market. We guide you in deciphering trends, validating pricing for robust financial models, and unlocking buyer behavior insights.

How Catalyst Empowers Ideas

Introducing the innovative ventures of Carbonfuture's Catalyst program. Stay tuned for further announcements.

"Enhanced Weathering is a high-potential carbon removal technology with a range of co-benefits. It comes with the challenge of reliably quantifying the CO2 sequestered after rock powder application on the field. Through Catalysts' pre-purchase and participation in the program, we get access to valuable resources to kickstart important pilot projects in Brazil and test novel monitoring, reporting, and verification mechanisms."

– Niklas Kluger, Co-Founder and COO of Inplanet

Inplanet uses Enhanced Rock Weathering to sequester CO2 and regenerate tropical soils.

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"Robust in-situ measurements of carbon removal rates are essential for any enhanced weathering carbon removal solution - aligning processes across different material types and between companies and academia is, to us, the most important way that Catalyst can help us to grow our solution. By working with Catalyst, we hope that we will be able to create a scientifically robust enhanced weathering standard, that ERW companies and our customers can have confidence in."

– Maurice Bryson, Founder of Silicate

Silicate is a climate solutions company leveraging the power of geochemistry.

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"Eion is committed to advancing rigorous measurement and standardization in ERW. Our patented measurement
methodology, which independent third-party auditors can verify, unlocks one piece of this puzzle. We're excited to collaborate with Carbonfuture Catalyst and further industry alignment around a shared set of digital MRV practices and deliver the transparency and integrity that buyers demand."

– Adam Wolf, Co-Founder and CEO of Eion

Eion works with farmers and ranchers to safely and permanently remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

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"We are excited to participate in the Carbonfuture Catalyst program. This greatly accelerates our journey right from day one and enables us to create a trustworthy verification, reporting, and measurement system for our novel CO2 capture technology which will not only benefit the carbon removal market but our entire society."

– Florian Tiller, Co-Founder and CEO of Ucaneo

Ucaneo builds the world's first cell-free Direct Air Capture technology.

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“Carbonfuture Catalyst is exactly what is needed to scale the carbon capture industry - putting an economic value on extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is the only way to negate the worst effects of climate change. The program will allow us to scale up our carbon capture facilities rapidly, with confidence that we can sell the credits for the carbon we capture.”

– Erik Millar, Founder and Co-CEO of Heimdal

Heimdal builds machines that capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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"Catalyst is doing critical work to break the cycle of high prices and limited supply, and to help early-stage carbon removal technologies evolve to maturity. We're thrilled to be part of this batch of carbon removal purchases and to be part of the movement to establish must- have market pillars like measurement, reporting, verification, and scientific transparency."

– Mary Yap, Co-Founder and CEO Lithos

Lithos is working on a promising Enhanced Rock Weathering technology across the US.

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"Catalyst is doing critical work to break the cycle of high prices and limited supply, and to help early-stage carbon removal technologies evolve to maturity. We're thrilled to be part of this batch of carbon removal purchases and to be part of the movement to establish must- have market pillars like measurement, reporting, verification, and scientific transparency."

– Mary Yap, Co-Founder and CEO Lithos

Lithos is working on a promising Enhanced Rock Weathering technology across the US.

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How Catalyst Empowers CDR Buyers

With Carbonfuture Catalyst, buyers can count on the highest quality CDR projects with great scalability potential. Participants in Carbonfuture Catalyst are thoroughly vetted by scientific experts. To enhance buyer confidence, we apply meticulous due diligence, further reinforced by our Carbonfuture MRV+ product's tracking capabilities.

Support CDR Companies in Breaking New Ground

Help spur innovation with your pre-purchase. This has a profound impact on early-stage companies, enabling them to earn revenue during their developmental stages. Your support bridges the gap until they can generate credits and scale up their operations, driving meaningful progress in the carbon removal landscape.

Create Real Impact in a Nascent Industry

Support the scale-up of the CDR market. Buyers who purchase through Carbonfuture Catalyst play a pivotal role in helping the growing CDR industry reach gigatonne-scale. Your pre-purchase serves as a powerful market signal, laying the foundation for the future supply of carbon removal credits at scale.

Amplify Your Position as a First Mover

Elevate your company's standing as a first mover in the climate space. By partnering with Carbonfuture Catalyst, you position yourself as a pioneer in the market. Tell your unique story of environmental stewardship and innovation, solidifying your role as a leader in the fight against climate change.

Participation Criteria for CDR Suppliers

Development of a scientifically robust CDR approach

Durable (100+ years) removal and storage of CO2 from the atmosphere

Clear path towards megatons removal by 2030

Established at least a proof of concept with path towards pilot scale development

Strong experienced team to realize their ambitious carbon removal plans 

Responsible, sustainable, and efficient use of resources (energy, biomass, land/water use, other raw materials)

Abiding to do no harm principles, showing measurable evidence for positive societal and ecological impacts from their activities

CDR Expert Advisory Council

Anna Dubowik

Carbon Removal Policy Consultant

Dr. James Campbell

Research Associate, Heriot-Watt University

Dr. Karen Strassel

Senior Science Associate, Carbon Removal Partners

Dr. Karine Kleinhaus

Associate Professor, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Stony Brook University

Dr. Maria-Elena Vorrath

Geoscientist, University of Hamburg

Dr. Paolo Gabrielli

Senior Scientist at the Institute of Energy and Process Engineering, ETH Zurich

Dr. Ruben Sakrabani

Associate Professor in Soil Chemistry & Net Zero Lead Agriculture at the Environment and Agrifood

Dr. Spyros Foteinis

Research Associate, Heriot-Watt University

Elena Walder-Schiavone

Managing Partner,
Übermorgen Ventures

Marian Krüger

Decarbonization Lead sus.lab, Co-Lead Remove, ETH Zurich

Prof. Dr. Daniel Kray

Professor for Renewable Energies, Head of Research Group PVT, University of Applied Sciences Offenburg


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Who can qualify for the Carbonfuture Catalyst program?

Any company that fulfills our selection criteria can apply to become part of the Carbonfuture Catalyst program. If you are pursuing a carbon removal venture that provides long term carbon storage, is scientifically and ecologically sound and has the capacity to scale to megatonnes, we want to hear from you. Apply here.

What kind of carbon removal solutions is the Catalyst program looking for?

We are technology-agnostic and interested in long term CDR solutions that are scientifically robust and measurable. We are quite excited that the CDR space is a hub for creativity so let us know what innovation you’ve come up with! Apply here.

Our company is not early stage, our technology is established and in deployment, should we apply?

Yes, the Catalyst supports carbon removal ventures at all stages of development. If you’re further along that’s amazing, we can help you evaluate certification options and fine tune your measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) processes as needed. We want to help you ensure your credits are high-value, scientifically defensible, and robust at scale.

Who is behind the Catalyst program?

Catalyst is powered by Carbonfuture and has a dedicated team behind it. Carbonfuture is the Trust Infrastructure for durable carbon removal and provies a vetted marketplace and a comprehensive MRV solution that unlocks rapid scaling of the high-quality carbon removal industry.

Is it possible to purchase credits from the Catalyst program?

Reach out to discuss a partnership with Carbonfuture Catalyst for the pre-purchase of credits from the most promising upcoming CDR projects.

How can buyers engage with Carbonfuture Catalyst?

Buyers can engage with Carbonfuture Catalyst via pre-purchase agreements, enabling them to buy credits in advance with flexibility on the delivery date. We also support the RfP process, pairing buyers with Catalyst participants based on buyer criteria.

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