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At Carbonfuture, we envision a future where carbon removal technologies are widely available and used to confront the existential threat of climate change. To achieve this, we are dedicated to building a carbon removal industry that is robust, scalable, and trusted by all stakeholders.

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Accelerating the Carbon Removal Industry with Trust

At Carbonfuture, trust is the cornerstone of everything we do. Our comprehensive Trust Framework guides all our actions and decisions as we work to scale trustworthy carbon removal. We are committed to creating a just and livable future for all, and our dedication to trust is embedded in every aspect of our operations, from supplier and buyer engagement to public communication.

Trust Framework

Our Approach to Trust

Our approach to building trust in carbon removal is anchored in five key dimensions: transparency, quality, impact, innovation, and collaboration.


We are committed to proactively providing clear, accessible, comprehensive information on all aspects of carbon removal.


We adhere to the highest standards, using rigorous methodologies and practices to deliver accurate, reliable results consistently.


We strive to create a just and liveable future for all by prioritizing carbon removal projects that yield measurable and verifiable benefits.


We recognize that breakthroughs in technology and practices are essential for scaling the carbon removal industry.


By facilitating collaboration and knowledge-sharing among stakeholders, we create a supportive ecosystem that drives progress.

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“We invite you to join us in building a trustworthy carbon removal industry.”

– Hannes Junginger, CEO of Carbonfuture

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