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Join us — and help to mitigate the climate crisis
 by removing CO₂ from the atmosphere.

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We empower people and organisations to mitigate the climate crisis by removing CO 2 from the atmosphere. In order to reverse the flow of greenhouse gases – down and not up – we strive to reverse the flow of money: Reward carbon sinks instead of polluters. This is the basis of the carbon sink economy.

Our Story

Thrilled by the fascinating potential of biochar and driven by the commitment to effectively fight the climate crisis, we threw in our energy and expertise and created a platform for tracking and financing true carbon sinks. The real thing. No Greenwashing.

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We are different

Climate neutral? That’s impossible without rock-solid persistent carbon sinks. So we exclusively support carbon credits based on negative emissions. We ensure effectiveness by tracking the carbon sinks cradle to grave. We explicitly account for sink duration. A ton removed with us is truly taken out of the atmosphere – guaranteed. 


At Carbonfuture, groundbreaking ideas to fight the climate crisis come to live. Bring passion and dedication and there is no telling what you could accomplish.


In your role you will take on full responsibility; you will have a steep learning curve and significant exposure and visibility with key stakeholders

Flat hierarchies

You work in a team of highly skilled ambitious professionals with direct interaction on eye level and short decision paths


Global scope with established partnerships in Western Europe, Scandinavia, the US and beyond


We work in an agile manner against clearly defined objectives – results driven and based on our values.

Purpose and values

Our company’s goal is to mitigate the climate crisis, the creation of trust is the basis of our services. We are results oriented, undogmatic, courageous, fair and cooperative.