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Partnership Announcement: Carbonfuture Joins Forces With Bioenergie Frauenfeld

We know that scalable and permanent carbon removals are of utmost importance in limiting global warming to levels well below 1.5°C. We also know that impactful action in this area will only be possible with widespread and deep-rooted collaboration. This is why Bioenergie Frauenfeld and Carbonfuture are joining forces to enable effective and trustworthy carbon removal in the gigatonne range.

The signing of a multi-year purchase agreement with Bioenergie Frauenfeld, the owner of the largest SynCraft plant globally, represents a further milestone in providing net zero companies worldwide with a scalable and science-based approach to carbon removal credits.

Bioenergie Frauenfeld plant in Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Bioenergie Frauenfeld is building Switzerland’s largest climate-positive wood-fired power plant in Frauenfeld, Switzerland where biomass, in the form of residual wood from the region, is converted into biochar by means of pyrolysis. Eight lines of SynCraft pyrolysis facilities will be operated in parallel to achieve an output of around 3.500 tonnes of biochar in the first year. The resulting syngas can then be converted into electricity, sufficient to meet the annual needs of around 8,000 households. The heat of the pyrolysis process is supplied as renewable energy to the "Schweizer Zucker" sugar factory and an enclosed district heating network. The biochar will be used for various carbon preserving purposes in agriculture and in the construction industry.

In the collaboration with Bioenergie Frauenfeld, we will be applying our unique digital tracking system, which builds the basis for the issuance of trustworthy CO2-certificates, enabling the carbon preserving application of the biochar behind each removal credit to be granularly traced and known.

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