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How we enable you

Your valuable climate services deserve all the support we can provide.

Access to Credit Revenue
We buy credits directly at an attractive price point. Everyone in the value chain benefits.
Project Financing
We help you grow and scale with our long-term purchase agreements.
Inventory and shipment management
Manage your production and deliveries across the full supply chain with our innovative biochar based tracking system.
Consulting and Onboarding Support
We are here to help. To avoid cost and time, we pre-evaluate biochar projects and support you through the full onboarding process.
Marketing Opportunities
Do good for the climate and talk about it. Our digital platform provides visibility and marketing opportunities for your services.


Everyone in the carbon removal value chain benefits.

Biochar producer and applicant are rewarded with the bulk of the credit revenue. We support flexible models of remuneration considering specific value chain and individual participant setups, whilst establishing a continuous chain of custody.

How to Participate

There are multiple roles in the biochar carbon removal value chain. They work together on the carbonfuture platform to verify and document their climate services and get remunerated.

Each of them has a unique entry point into the value chain to drive the credit issuing and claim their rewards. It all starts with the certified production and ends with the verified carbon-preserving application of the biochar.

Biochar Producer

As a biochar producer, there are two options to monetize your climate services.

In either case, certify your biochar production and manage your biochar inventory and deliveries on the carbonfuture platform.

Option A - you sell to the end-user.

Amend your Terms of Sales to only allow carbon preserving application of the biochar sold. Sell your certified biochar at a discounted price, document the end usage on the platform and claim the credit.

Option B - you don’t know the end-user.

Sell your certified biochar to a trader at a higher price together with the carbonfuture Coupon which will document the end usage and will allow claiming of the credit on our platform.

The final biochar applicant sends in the Coupon and confirms the carbon preserving application, gets remunerated.

Our supply partners

Biochar Applicant

As a biochar applicant you need to ensure you are using biochar from certified production with a Carbonfuture Coupon.

Apply the biochar in a carbon preserving way (e.g. in soil, as a fertilizer mixed with compost, in concrete - see the full EBC list of application types)

Document the carbon preserving application by filling in the Carbonfuture Coupon and uploading it on the Carbonfuture platform

Get remunerated.

Biochar Tracking Service

Seamless digital biochar tracking from production to end usage is key to trusted, verifiable credits

We offer fully digital unit tracking throughout the biochar supply chain. As a producer or trader, this provides you with an up-to-date view on your inventory and deliveries.

How to get certified

  1. Carbonfuture will provide orientation and pre-evaluate you.
  2. We’ll hand you over to the EBC to start the certification process.
  3. Send in sample biochar for lab analysis. An independent auditor, will perform an onsite LCA.

Our credits are based on independently verified certificates, such as the EBC (European Biochar Certificate), the leading standard for biochar.

We will guide you through the full certification process to bring your climate services onto the Carbonfuture marketplace.

For more details check out the Supplier Onboarding Manual.

Download the Supplier Onboarding Manual

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