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Anna Lehner, PhD

Lead, CDR Standards & Methodologies

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I joined Carbonfuture to contribute effectively: To a regenerative economy within planetary boundaries. As part of a smart, warm-hearted team.

Anna has a research background of 10 years in Inorganic Chemistry & Energy Materials. Driven by the will to contribute more directly to the transition to a regenerative economy, she joined a renewable energy IT startup. During 2 years of establishing key collaborations to renewable power system manufacturers and software developers, she discovered her enthusiasm for agile co-creation and organizational development. Switching to a Green-Tech startup Accelerator, Anna enjoyed supporting founders to swiftly find product-market fit. At Carbonfuture, Anna is focusing on Standards & Methodologies and helping to adapt the framework for durable greenhouse gas removals for a growing market. She believes in combining knowledge from different scientific domains and jointly designing protocols and products to empower enough stakeholders: Together we can implement effective climate action.