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Christian Gaffney

Senior Designer

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In the face of a challenge as massive and daunting as climate change, I believe that people need a hopeful vision of the future and a plan to get there. My hope is that bold, powerful design and storytelling can help convince people of the urgency of reducing emissions, removing atmospheric carbon, and contributing whatever they can to the project of a livable future.

Christian began his design career in New York City in the magazine industry. He honed his craft in the traditional world of print—refining his layout and typography skills from award-winning design teams—and helped pioneer the booming new field of digital publishing. Having spent 25 formative years in the city that never sleeps, Christian moved to Berlin in 2015 in search of adventure, the arts, and affordable rent. There, he dabbled in typographic fine art, joined the German national ultimate frisbee team, and embarked on a 4-year freelance stint that had him doing motion design, UI/UX, branding, and more. Since then, Christian has refocused his design career on industries that value purpose over profit. He spent 3 years as senior brand designer at ResearchGate, a company that aims to connect scientific researchers and bring down the barriers to accessing research worldwide. Now, he’s excited to bring his energy and passion for design and the fight against climate change to Carbonfuture.