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Leila Toplic

Chief Communications & Trust Officer

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Leila is the Chief Communications and Trust Officer at Carbonfuture. She has a dual role of leading the company's global communication and go-to-market efforts and operationalizing trust across all our activities, from products to processes. With over two decades of experience at the intersection of technology, ethics, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Leila has held high-level positions at companies like Microsoft and NGOs such as NetHope (a consortium of 65 global NGOs). During her tenure at NetHope, she led the Emerging Technologies Initiative with a focus on Trustworthy AI and AI for climate action. Recognized as one of the Top 100 Women in AI Ethics in 2021, Leila actively contributes to boards and initiatives that advance responsible innovation, equity, and inclusion, and human rights. She also serves on the Board of Negative Emissions Platform, an alliance of 30+ organizations committed to working together to accelerate durable carbon removal, paving the way for a net-zero future.