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Nikolaus Wohlgemuth

Head of CDR Infrastructure & New Pathways

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With my experience in Carbon Markets, I am Carbonfuture's expert in this field. I work on integration with certification standards for biochar projects and other removal technologies. Through this work, I help to ensure Carbonfuture can hold to its claim of providing "carbon removal you can trust". I also head our Carbon Removal Sourcing Team, which brings up exciting new project leads every day. As carbon removal needs to be massively scaled to achieve our climate goals, we need to speed up, release the breaks and gain traction.

Nikolaus' motivation has always been driven by his goal to achieve positive impacts on our environment. During the more than 15 years he worked with First Climate, he gathered in depth know-how on emission reduction certificates, their accounting and knowledge on the different carbon markets in general. As early as 2017, Nikolaus started considering biochar and other carbon sinks as one of the major solutions for our climate crisis. Since then, he has gotten involved in the development of a program issuing carbon credits for biochar production as well as in the development of activities which sequester carbon in agricultural soils. With his long-term experience, he is now supporting Carbonfuture in successfully navigating itself through the jungle of standards and methodologies surrounding CO2 certificates.