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Sebastian Manhart

Senior Policy Advisor

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As a Senior Policy Advisor, my role is to engage policy makers globally to make sure that the future of carbon markets - voluntary and regulated alike - reflects the high quality and auditability standards Carbonfuture stands for.

Sebastian is a serial tech entrepreneur and policy expert. He spent a decade in startups, including as Chief Operating Officer of the world´s only nonprofit biometrics company (Simprints). Sebastian was then asked to join the German Chancellery (then Angela Merkel´s Office), as an Advisor and EU lobbyist for progressive digitisation. More recently, he has been working as an Advisor for the World Bank until stumbling upon carbon removal and deciding to make it his life´s purpose. Sebastian is a trained economist with a BA from the University College London, an MPhil from Cambridge University, and ExecEd from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. When not working, you can find Sebastian dangling off cliffs or skiing with his dog.