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Trust Infrastructure for Durable Carbon Removal: Scaling the Industry for Climate Relevance

Our Journey: Pioneering Trust in Carbon Removal 

In 2019, a visionary concept laid the foundation for Carbonfuture - a scalable framework for carbon removal financing proposed by Hans-Peter Schmidt and Hansjörg Lerchenmüller. That idea became the starting point for Carbonfuture in 2020. Our goal was simple - to speed up the transition to a net-zero future by scaling carbon removal to the gigatonne level, securing a just and livable future for generations to come. 

From the very start, Carbonfuture embraced a trust-first approach, recognizing that building confidence in carbon removal was the key to unlocking its immense potential in combating the climate crisis. But we knew that just recognizing the importance of trust wasn't enough; we had to take action and build a product to strengthen and promote trust. We were determined to build the missing piece of the puzzle: a Trust Infrastructure that would ensure that carbon removal becomes an effective solution in combating the climate crisis.

Early on, it became apparent that scaling carbon removal to relevant quantities required countering adverse incentives. As a result, we set out to build a comprehensive Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) solution as a key component of our robust Trust Infrastructure for durable carbon removal.

Carbonfuture Today: Trust Infrastructure for Durable Carbon Removal 

Fast forward to today, and our solution is already transforming the carbon removal industry. Our Trust Infrastructure for durable carbon removal seamlessly integrates the entire carbon removal lifecycle and brings trust to every step in the process. We empower suppliers by providing the essential project support and finance needed to transform their carbon removal projects into fully certified carbon credits. For corporate buyers, we offer access to portfolios of carbon removal credits adhering to the highest-quality standards. And with meticulous tracking, businesses gain unwavering trust and unmatched transparency to measure the true impact of their carbon removal investments.

Today, we stand firm in our commitment to trustworthy climate action. We believe that achieving our climate goals relies on the swift deployment of all carbon removal solutions, and this can only be realized through trust. 

At Carbonfuture, trust is underpinned by: 

  • Our Two Products: Carbonfuture MRV+ (the most comprehensive MRV solution for durable CDR) and Carbonfuture Marketplace (the leading marketplace for durable CDR). 
  • Rigorous Processes: We uphold rigorous processes from project support and due diligence to certification by established, third-party Standards. 
  • Ecosystem-Building Initiatives: Our Catalyst program fosters collaboration and innovation in carbon removal, accelerating the impact of our collective carbon removal efforts. 
  • Our Trust Framework: Guided by five dimensions -transparency, quality, impact, innovation, and collaboration - we ensure trust is integrated into everything we do.

Accelerating Progress Through Innovation:

Today, we are thrilled to share that our investors have increased their total committed funding to $13.7M to accelerate our progress. With this funding, we'll enhance our product suite, forge strategic partnerships to drive durable carbon removal even further and expand our reach. We're privileged to have investors who share our vision of creating the Trust Infrastructure for carbon removal, including Carbon Removal Partners, Übermorgen Ventures, Wi Venture, 4impact, SFV, and seed + speed Ventures.


Looking Ahead:  

At Carbonfuture, we believe that trust is the cornerstone of carbon removal. Our unwavering commitment to measurable and transparent climate action drives us forward. We're creating a world where durable carbon removal isn't a distant dream but a powerful reality. A reality that you can trust, measure, and scale.  


Join us in taking action today! Get started.

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