Reverse the Flow of Greenhouse Gases

We empower people and organisations to mitigate the climate crisis by removing CO₂ from the atmosphere.


Limiting global warming to 1.5°


Hundreds of gigatons of CO₂ must be removed


Reverse the flow of greenhouse gases

Carbonfuture provides the most trusted carbon sink credits, ensuring that CO₂ gets effectively and permanently removed from the atmosphere.


What is a Carbon Sink?

In the natural carbon cycle carbon is exchanged between the atmosphere, biosphere, the ocean and land mass. Carbon (in form of CO₂ or methane) in the atmosphere heats the planet, sequestered carbon in the soil or in the sea doesn't.

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Why we are different

Permanent carbon storage
Longer-than-you-and-your-grandchildren-live carbon storage based on rigorous scientific research.
Best-in-class sink tracking
Bulletproof sink tracking on blockchain technology for transparency, trust and peace of mind.
Platform services for you
Serving you best, whether you look for balancing and trading services or a credit accounting platform.

Take my CO₂
out of the atmosphere

Each Carbonfuture carbon sink credit over-compensates the emission of 1 tonne CO₂ equivalent. Today, there are not enough valid certified sinks, so the supply is limited. In order to become climate positive, start financing carbon sinks here.

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The Carbonfuture Team

Hannes Junginger

Hannes Junginger

Matthias Ansorge

Matthias Ansorge

Andreas Hölzl

Andreas Hölzl

Hansjörg Lerchenmöller

Hansjörg Lerchenmöller


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