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Join the climate pioneers already driving change: One credit purchased, is one tonne of CO₂ removed. For centuries.

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“Climate moonshot” for planet earth

Carbonfuture’s high-quality carbon removal credits pass an extensive vetting process and get selected as part of Microsoft’s commitment to become carbon negative by 2030.

“Carbonfuture takes a multi-faceted approach to carbon removal by delivering long-term CO2 sequestration, with fully digitized, end-to-end tracking of the resulting credits. We need this type of innovation to advance the nascent carbon removal market.“
– Elizabeth Willmott, carbon program director at Microsoft
Swiss Re

Becoming more resilient with removals.

In 2021, Swiss Re purchased the significant amount of 850 tonnes of Carbonfuture’s EBC-certified biochar certificates, supporting them on their journey [...]

„The scientific facts are clear – on top of massive emission reduction efforts, the world needs billions of tonnes of negative emissions to stabilize the climate. Swiss Re is committed to achieving net-zero emissions across our value chain by 2050, and in our own operations by 2030. To prepare for neutralizing our residual emissions through carbon removal, it is part of our strategy to work with market makers like Carbonfuture, adding to the demand for top-quality removals.“
– Mischa Repmann, Senior Environmental Management Specialist at Swiss Re

Carbon removal you can trust.

On our platform, we offer portfolios of regional credits with a large network of suppliers ready to scale to your specific needs.

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Becoming part of the solution.

As part of their commitment to operate at net zero by 2040, Klarna chooses Carbonfuture to help realize their carbon removal targets.

“We have shifted our focus to supporting a variety of projects, including those which actively remove carbon emissions. Making sure our climate action is truly effective remains top priority. With Carbonfuture’s science-based approach, all removal credits issued as part of our joint efforts are traceable, delivering that vital element of transparency and trust.“
– Janek Kose, Sustainability at Klarna
PwC Scale

Helping big ideas grow.

Carbonfuture becomes part of PwC Scale sustainability program which supports promising startups and creates connections with corporates and investors for new growth [...]

„Climate protection and innovation are among the fundamental building blocks for making our future sustainable. That's why I'm particularly pleased we were able to support Carbonfuture with our program! Their unique approach combines ingenuity with integrity, enabling the impactful climate action we need.“
Lisa-Maria Glass, Startup Ecosystem Manager & Co-Lead Scale Program at PwC
South Pole

Turning up the heat on climate commitments.

South Pole partner up with Carbonfuture to continue moving net zero commitments towards net zero action by including certified carbon removal projects [...]

„As more companies seek to invest in carbon removals, the need for credible solutions and transparent impact data such as provided by Carbonfuture becomes more crucial than ever.“
Michael Weber, Director of Corporate Climate Neutrality at South Pole

Climate impact beyond offsetting claims.

As part of the launch of their first climate transformation portfolio, impact platform Milkywire chooses Carbonfuture as credit provider to help deliver impact [...]

„Leading a race to the bottom to find the cheapest acceptable credits possible, just in order to make a claim will help no one. Working with Carbonfuture reflects our values of credible and impactful climate action by guaranteeing fully traceable certificates and defensively quantified sink values.“
Robert Höglund, Climate advisor at Milkywire

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