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If climate change is making you feel bad, you’re not alone. We decided to invest in making a massive handprint of positive change.

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So, How Did It All Start?

Early 2019, Hans-Peter Schmidt from the ithaka institute and Hansjörg Lerchenmüller from Carbuna AG shared their thoughts to address the shortcomings of existing carbon offset markets with us. From an abstract scientific perspective, Hans-Peter's groundbreaking idea of carbon sink leasing inspired us immediately. We started to think about a scalable framework for carbon sink financing as the backbone of a re-thought economy in which the fight against global warming is rewarded properly.

In summer 2019, we presented the academic results complemented by a proof of concept blockchain-based implementation on the IBI study tour in Finland, and some weeks later on the symposium of the German Fachverband Pflanzenkohle. The concept turned out to be so convincing that we decided to take it serious. We then started implementing the framework front to back in close collaboration with pioneering people from the young biochar sector, from finance, academia, IT and corporates willing to balance their emissions. As of January 2020, we have actually created the first fully documented and verified biochar based carbon sinks which fulfil the quality criteria needed to become a commercially viable financing instrument.

Hannes Junginger

Hannes Junginger,

Hannes has a broad professional background in Financial Engineering. Working for various financial institutions he is deeply knowledgeable about financial services and risk management. At EY he was heading consulting and audit projects for large banks globally. Before his engagement with carbonfuture he was leading the risk management unit of a mid-sized Swiss bank. He holds a PhD in mathematics from the University of Freiburg and at carbonfuture he passionately devotes his professional expertise to climate protection.

Andreas Hölzl

Andreas Hölzl, COO

Trained as a Geologist, Andreas studied climate throughout geological timescales. In his decades long professional path in Software, he mastered nearly all aspects of engineering, project, product and people management. He is the founder of an award winning travel app that got acquired by Apple. Living and working in Silicon Valley, he is connected throughout the tech and start-up scene.

Matthias Ansorge

Matthias Ansorge, PhD, CTO

Throughout his career Matthias primarily got attracted to hard analytical problems and intellectual challenges. As a Software Architect, he delivered enterprise solutions for complex systems where others threw in their towel. His broad expertise in enterprise software system ranges from financial institutions, the public sector to telecommunication. Matthias holds a PhD in mathematics from the University of Freiburg. In 2018 he co-founded Karakun AG, a Swiss based Software Service and Consulting Company. At carbonfuture, Matthias is responsible for IT.

Marcel Eichler, Climate Positive Projects

After completing his studies in environmental governance, Marcel joined the team as its newest member. He specialised in Climate Change and Life-Cycle Assessment. Throughout his professional path, Marcel worked in different climate change protection organizations and sustainable businesses, gathering experience in the field of project management and carbon footprint calculation. At Carbonfuture he continues to embrace his passion for climate protection.

Hansjörg Lerchenmöller

Hansjörg Lerchenmüller, Advisor

Physicist by education, Hansjörg founded a company producing highly efficient photovoltaic modules. As winner of the prestigious Deutscher Umweltpreis, he is now active as business angel, investor and consultant for established companies and start-ups contributing to climate protection. He recently founded the European Biochar Industry Consortium and he is chairman of the Board of Carbuna AG.

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